LaTosha Brown: Culture will eat strategy for breakfast

On the occasion of the Budapest Forum “Building Sustainable Democracies”, RevDem editor Ferenc Laczo has interviewed speaker LaTosha Brown.

LaTosha Brown is an American community organizer, political strategist, and consultant. She has worked for and founded a series of nonprofit organizations centered around disaster relief, Black voting rights, and funding grassroots community development initiatives. She is the co-founder of the voting rights group Black Voters Matter whose work is credited with significant voter registration and get out the vote efforts in several elections, including the 2020-21 state elections in Georgia. In this podcast conversation, LaTosha Brown discusses her motivation to co-launch Black Voters Matter and some of the key activities of her organization; strategies they use to reach marginalized communities; the unprecedented political mobilization in 2020 in the shadow of the pandemic as well as her current plans.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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