George Soros’ philanthropy is based completely on values: A conversation with Peter Osnos

In this conversation with RevDem editor Ferenc Laczó, Peter Osnos discusses his new edited volume George Soros: A Life in Full (Harvard Business Review Press, 2022). Osnos introduces the concept of the volume, reflects on Soros’ remarkably complex character, addresses his path-breaking philanthropy and special commitment to education, and dissects his profound and fraught connection to Hungary and the post-Soviet world.

Peter Osnos has had a long and distinguished career as a reporter, editor, and publisher. He worked for The Washington Post and then at Random House until he founded Public Affairs in 1997. He has published a host of major authors and public figures, including four former US Presidents and several of the most celebrated personalities in human rights, business, and media. In 2021, Peter Osnos released An Especially Good View. Watching History Happen, a reported memoir.

George Soros: A Life in Full is out on April 5. It contains chapters by Leon Botstein, Eva Hoffman, Michael Ignatieff, Ivan Krastev, and Darren Walker, among a host of other distinguished authors.

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