War in Ukraine: 10 essential readings and interviews

On the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day, we present key texts and interviews on the Russian invasion and its aftermath:

  1. The Discourse Of Privilege: Western Europe And The Russian War Against Ukraine, Op-Ed by Elżbieta Kwiecińska and Pavel Skigin: https://revdem.ceu.edu/2022/04/07/the-discourse-of-privilege-western-europe-and-the-russian-war-against-ukraine/
  2. Ukraine: Not A War About Democracy, Op-Ed by Irina Domurath and Stefano Palestini: https://revdem.ceu.edu/2022/03/25/ukraine-not-a-war-about-democracy/
  3. The War In Ukraine Is All About Democracy Vs Dictatorship, Op-Ed by Kacper Szulecki and Tore Wig: https://revdem.ceu.edu/2022/04/09/the-war-in-ukraine-is-all-about-democracy-vs-dictatorship/
  4. Change Of Framing And The Need For Peace In Ukraine: A Reply To Szulecki And Wig Op-Ed by Irina Domurath and Stefano Palestini: https://revdem.ceu.edu/2022/05/25/change-of-framing-and-the-need-for-peace-in-ukraine/
  5. Immediate EU Membership For Ukraine? Interview and podcast with Dimitry Kochenov by Oliver Garner: https://revdem.ceu.edu/2022/04/20/immediate-eu-membership-for-ukraine-in-conversation-with-dimitry-kochenov/
  6. How to avoid further escalation, Interview with Wolfgang Merkel by Ferenc Laczo: https://revdem.ceu.edu/2022/06/08/how-to-avoid-further-escalation-a-conversation-with-wolfgang-merkel-on-the-scholz-government-and-german-foreign-policy-today/
  7. The War In Ukraine And The Refugee Crisis, Interview with Marta Jaroszewicz (University of Warsaw) by Kasia Krzyżanowska, https://revdem.ceu.edu/2022/03/24/the-war-in-ukraine-and-the-refugee-crisis/
  8. Ukraine’s Integration and Reconstruction: How To Prepare the EU? Debate with Laszlo Bruszt (CEU Democracy Institute Co-Director), Andrius Kubilius (fmr. Prime Minister of Lithuania), Tymofiy Mylovanov (Kyiv School of Economics), Milada Vachudova (University of North Carolina), moderated by Iskra Kirova: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS0vbCJ3VII&t=580s
  9. 5 Books On Ukraine by Kasia Krzyżanowska: https://revdem.ceu.edu/2022/03/04/5-books-on-ukraine/
  10. 5 books on Putinism by Kasia Krzyżanowska and Michał Matlak: https://revdem.ceu.edu/2022/03/12/5-books-on-putinism/

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