The War in Ukraine and Transition: In Conversation with Maria Popova

Despite, or perhaps due to, the war in Ukraine there have been positive developments in combating corruption and other issues in anticipation of EU membership. In this RevDem Rule of Law podcast Teodora Miljojkovic discusses these issues around transition with Professor Maria Popova.



From democracy to authoritarian capitalism

In this op-ed, Gábor Scheiring explores the latest Freedom House Nations in Transit Report, its implications for Hungary, and how the report only reveals the tip of the iceberg of the democratic backsliding in Hungary.



A life for power? Viktor Orbán’s long affair with Hungary

Do the familiar tropes of anti-tyrannical literature explain anything about what happened and is still happening in contemporary Hungary, a country that has changed so profoundly not only as compared to its post-1989 realities but from its 2010 self too?



A Paranational World — Naturalization, Fiction and Edges of Nationality

In conversation with RevDem editor Kasia Krzyżanowska, Dr. Stephanie DeGooyer discusses her recent publication Before Borders: A Legal and Literary History of Naturalization (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022).



“A Pandemic of Populists”: RevDem online book discussion

On 28 March the Review of Democracy hosted an online debate on "A Pandemic of Populists" (CUP, 2022) by Wojciech Sadurski (University of Sydney). Hosted by CEU Democracy Institute Workgroup Lead Researcher Dimitry Kochenov, the debate brought together perspectives from Barbara Grabowska-Moroz (CEU), Zuzana Vikarská (Masaryk University), and Thiago Amparo (FGV Sao Paulo Law School).



The Challenges of Public History Under Illiberal Rule: Gábor Gyáni Launches the Jenő Szűcs Lecture Series

On February 21, 2023, the Democracy in History workgroup of the CEU Democracy Institute launched its Jenő Szűcs Series. The first public lecture in the series was delivered by Gábor Gyáni under the title “Telling the Truth (or Not?) About History. Dilemmas of Public History.” As emphasized by co-organizer Gábor Klaniczay in his opening remarks, the ongoing lecture series honours, adopts and develops the critical approach of the late Hungarian historian Jenő Szűcs regarding the ideologically defined viewpoint of authoritarian states on history and society.



Cautious Celebration over Compelled Retreat on Foreign Agent Law in Georgia

Mariam Begadze provides recent updates and context on the Georgian Law on Agents of Foreign Influence, which lawmakers from the ruling Georgian Dream party yesterday pledged to unconditionally withdraw following intense protests.



Constitutional Democracy’s Civic and Social Dimensions. On the Czech Presidential Election 

Jiří Přibáň comments the outcome of the recent presidential elections in the Czech Republic.



New Year Special

In a special edition of the RevDem podcast, our editors Laszlo Bruszt, Oliver Garner, Kasia Krzyżanowska, Ferenc Laczo, Michał Matlak, and Renata Uitz discuss their favorite RevDem content, best books and articles they have read, most important political events of 2022 and more. At the end of the episode, they are joined by the authors of the most popular piece of 2022 published by RevDem: an op-ed by Elżbieta Krzyżanowska and Pavel Skigin “The discourse of privilege: Western Europe and the Russian War against Ukraine.”



Launch of CEU Democracy Institute Working Paper Series: Andreas Schedler – “Basic Democratic Trust”

The CEU DI Working Paper series has launched today. The first publication is “Basic Democratic Trust” by Andreas Schedler, Lead Researcher of the DI’s De- and Re-Democratization (DRD) Workgroup.



RevDem Debate: Rainbow families in the EU: obstacles to full equality 

This debate is based on a report „Obstacles to the Free Movement of Rainbow Families in the EU” written for the European Parliament by Alina Tryfonidou. The debate will take place on Thursday, 27.10.2022 at 6 PM CET on RevDem's Facebook page



War in Ukraine: 10 essential readings and interviews

On the occasion of Ukraine's Independence Day, we present key texts and interviews on the Russian invasion and its aftermath



The War in Ukraine and the Refugee Crisis

Dr. Marta Jaroszewicz elaborates on the current refugee crisis as the result of the war in Ukraine, the situation in the neighbouring countries, and the EU refugee protection.



We’re looking for assistant editors!

The Review of Democracy is looking for five assistant editors interested in one (or more) of these thematic fields: history of ideas, debates on the future of Europe, the state of democracy in various parts of the world & political economy.



The Future of Rule of Law Constitutionalism in Hungary. A high-level debate

CEU Democracy Institute and Review of Democracy are organising a high-level debate with Péter Márki-Zay, András Sajó, Kim Lane Scheppele, Michal Šimečka on the future of constitutionalism in Hungary



The New Czech Government and the Perspectives for Central Europe [ONLINE EVENT]

What were the outcomes of Czech elections? Can they serve as inspiration for other Central European liberal democracies? While these are the key topics of the webinar, the participants will also discuss their perspectives on the new Czech government and the nature of the Andrij Babis government.



Democracy Rules: A Book Discussion with Jan-Werner Müller and His Critics

Review of Democracy will host a discussion of the book with the author to be moderated by Zsolt Enyedi (Central European University) and with three prominent voices in the field: Gráinne de Búrca (New York University), Jan Kubik (Rutgers University and University College London), Jeffrey C. Isaac (Indiana University) and Karolina Wigura (University of Warsaw)



[RevDem Launch Event] Conference on the Future of Europe: Democratic Innovation or Business as Usual?

May 9th marked the opening of the Conference on the Future of Europe. In the debate we organised one day later, the panellists discussed its objectives, how to achieve them and whether it can give a new impetus to European integration.



There is still hope. Interview with Adam Bodnar, Polish Ombudsman

On April 21, Review of Democracy and CEU Democracy Institute hosted Adam Bodnar, Polish Ombudsman.



We are looking for assistant editors!

Take a look at our Internship & Mentorship Programme for PhD students from CIVICA network.



DI and RevDem Event: What Price the Rule of Law?

On 25 January the CEU Democracy Institute hosted Commissioner Didier Reynders and MEP Katalin Cseh for a debate on the new EU Regulation on Rule of Law conditionality. In this first editorial of the RevDem Rule of Law section, editor Oliver Garner and assistant editor Teodora Miljojkovic reflect on the implications for constitutional democracy of the impression that the Rule of Law comes at a price.



The Future of Democracy in EU Member States

Michał Matlak summarises the debate on the future of democracy in Member States.


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