How to Best Manage the Unfolding Crisis of Everything: Gaia Vince on Key Implications of the Climate Crisis

In this conversation with RevDem editor Ferenc Laczó, Gaia Vince – author of the new book Nomad Century: How to Survive the Climate Upheavalsketches the transformations climate change and the accompanying rise in global average temperature are likely to bring in the coming decades; reflects on the most promising innovations when it comes to mitigating temperature rise and moving towards a circular economy; discusses ways to plan for lawful and safe mass migration at a time when large parts of the Earth are becoming uninhabitable; and addresses the key political questions of how to set the right priorities at the global level and how to act to enforce them.

Gaia Vince is a British environmental journalist, broadcaster, and award-winning non-fiction author who has contributed to the BBC, The Guardian, Nature, and New Scientist, among others. She is the author of two previous books: Adventures in the Anthropocene: A Journey to the Heart of the Planet We Made (2014), for which she got awarded the prestigious Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books in 2015, and Transcendence: How Humans Evolved Through Fire, Language, Beauty, and Time.  Nomad Century: How to Survive the Climate Upheaval is published by Allen Lane.

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