We’re looking for assistant editors!

Call for Assistant Editors (ca. 10h/week, starting from 1.04.2022)

The Review of Democracy is looking for five assistant editors interested in one (or more) of these thematic fields: history of ideas, debates on the future of Europe, the state of democracy in various parts of the world & political economy.

The tasks of assistant editors will be the following:

– Assisting the editors of the open platform in their work.

– Preparing the content in their respective fields of interest.

– Preparing the events organised by RevDem.

– Managing the social media of RevDem.

– (For English language native speakers): Proof-reading of our publications.

– Conducting interviews with key scholars and activists in their fields of interest.

The internship is not remunerated, but it offers participation mentoring. The goal of the programme is to teach the students the following skills:

– Text editing.

– Op-eds writing.

– Conducting interviews.

Assistant editors will have the opportunity to familiarise with the area of broadly understood studies of democracy in Europe and beyond.

Candidates with audio editing skills are particularly encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should send their CVs to: brusztl@ceu.edu (Laszlo Bruszt) cc-ing matlakm@ceu.edu(Michal Matlak) by 25.03.2022.                                                                                                                 

Background information about the journal: This new journal is an initiative of the CEU Democracy Institute  in cooperation with the key experts on the issues of democracy worldwide. It sets out to provide an open platform for publicizing and discussing ongoing processes of (de/re-) democratization, as well as offer analysis, reflection and opinion pieces both at the level of specific countries and at the broader, regional level. 

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