Germans and Genocide after the Holocaust. Andrew Port Discusses How Germans Have Responded to the Global History of Mass Atrocities

In this conversation with RevDem editor Ferenc Laczó, Andrew Port – author of the new book Never Again. Germans and Genocide after the Holocaust – describes and compares the German responses to mass atrocities in Cambodia, Bosnia, and Rwanda; explains which were the consensual and the most contested issues in German debates; discusses the “softer,” societal responses connected to German memory work and how these mass atrocities across the globe may have impacted the interpretations of Germany’s own past; and reflects on what might be most striking about the rather conflicted German response to Russia’s ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine.

Andrew Port is a professor of history at Wayne State University. He is the former editor-in-chief of the journal Central European History and the recipient of the DAAD Prize for Distinguished Scholarship in German and European Studies.

Never Again. Germans and Genocide after the Holocaust has been published by Harvard University Press.

In collaboration with Lucie Hunter

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