Christian democracy

Christian democracy

From democracy to authoritarian capitalism

In this op-ed, Gábor Scheiring explores the latest Freedom House Nations in Transit Report, its implications for Hungary, and how the report only reveals the tip of the iceberg of the democratic backsliding in Hungary.


Christian democracy

A life for power? Viktor Orbán’s long affair with Hungary

Do the familiar tropes of anti-tyrannical literature explain anything about what happened and is still happening in contemporary Hungary, a country that has changed so profoundly not only as compared to its post-1989 realities but from its 2010 self too?


Christian democracy

Review: “Gender and Illiberalism in Post-Communist Europe”, Matthijs Bogaards and Andrea Pető (eds.), Politics and Governance, Cogitatio 2022

Ivan Tranfi reviews the recent special issue on gender and illiberalism edited by Matthijs Bogaards and Andrea Pető, experts in de-democratization and gender studies from Central European University.


Christian democracy

RevDem Debate: Rainbow families in the EU: obstacles to full equality 

This debate is based on a report „Obstacles to the Free Movement of Rainbow Families in the EU” written for the European Parliament by Alina Tryfonidou. The debate will take place on Thursday, 27.10.2022 at 6 PM CET on RevDem's Facebook page


Christian democracy

“Post-War Christian Democracy Was Relatively Short-Lived” Fabio Wolkenstein on the Dark Side of Christian Democratic History and Politics 

In this conversation with Ferenc Laczó, Fabio Wolkenstein – author of the new book Die dunkle Seite der Christdemokratie. Geschichte einer autoritaeren Versuchung (The Dark Side of Christian Democracy. The History of an Authoritarian Temptation) – sketches the broad variety of Christian politics across modern Europe.


Christian democracy

Reflections of a European Man

In conversation with RevDem editor Kasia Krzyżanowska, Stefan Auer discusses his new book European Disunion. Democracy, Sovereignty, and the Politics of Emergency (Hurst&Company 2022). In a conversation, he points out to the EU hubris, discusses crises that hit the EU recently, puts into a broader context Russian invasion of Ukraine, and shares his scepticism on the future of Europe.


Christian democracy

What is Christian Democracy? A Book Discussion with Carlo Invernizzi Accetti

In September CEU Democracy Institute and the Review of Democracy held the symposium "The Past and Present of Christian Democracy" where leading scholars discussed the historical significance and contemporary state of Christian Democracy. The first panel was dedicated to Carlo Invernizzi Accetti’s book "What is Christian Democracy? Politics, Religion and Ideology". The book was discussed by three speakers, Giuliana Chamedes, James Chappel and Martin Conway, which was followed by a response from the author.


Christian democracy

The Future of Rule of Law Constitutionalism in Hungary. A high-level debate

CEU Democracy Institute and Review of Democracy are organising a high-level debate with Péter Márki-Zay, András Sajó, Kim Lane Scheppele, Michal Šimečka on the future of constitutionalism in Hungary


Christian democracy

Invernizzi Accetti: Christian Democracy That Can Counter Right-Wing Populists

Vilius Kubekas in conversation. with the author of the book "What is Christian Democracy? Politics, Religion and Ideology".


Christian democracy

Democracy Rules: A Book Discussion with Jan-Werner Müller and His Critics

Review of Democracy will host a discussion of the book with the author to be moderated by Zsolt Enyedi (Central European University) and with three prominent voices in the field: Gráinne de Búrca (New York University), Jan Kubik (Rutgers University and University College London), Jeffrey C. Isaac (Indiana University) and Karolina Wigura (University of Warsaw)


Christian democracy

The Future of Democracy in EU Member States

Michał Matlak summarises the debate on the future of democracy in Member States.


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